Letting go

Peace reveals its eternal beauty in letting go. 

Letting go of expectations, of the need to please, to impress, to control the future or to somehow alter the past.  Letting go is to lift off the armour of life, let it drop to the floor with a loud metallic clang and to breathe gently.  To let life unfurl its magical truth and let all be.

At what moment does one’s ego dissolve, giving way to a quieter and more wholesome inner essence?  Our indescribable essence sits patiently, awaiting with wings of serenity and acceptance, where awareness touches the universal.  If we pause to listen, it is there in the realm of the senses, in our sublime contemplative thoughts and even burrowed deep alongside the chatterbox of our conscious minds. 

When ‘being right’ ceases to hold any sway, our hearts beat with simplicity and bring harmony into each and every human interaction we share.    

English poet William Blake speaks in his wonderful “Marriage of Heaven and Hell” (1793), “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.  For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.”

Our perception is nothing but our own.  In asking ourselves, ‘what else could this mean?’, a chink in Blake’s cavern expands.  And a mind expanded can never snap back.

The greatest act of inner composure comes in letting go of our need for control, our need to be right, and our need to persuade others of our rightness.  In accepting our imperfection we release ourselves, welcome peace and allow ecstatic joy to flow. 

In letting go, the elusive sense of composure grows within us, no longer an exhausted jester who outgrew any usefulness long ago but instead the embodiment of kindness and humility.  Perception changes in an instant and the ground beneath solidifies. 

A candle is lit and its direction glows before us; it may begin dim and distant but with each moment that passes, the flame of uninhibited truth grows bright.