Executive Coaching:

The Subconscious Aspects of Business

Are you looking for something in your work life that seems just out of reach?  Do you find your will pulling in one direction and something else pulling in the other?  

Most successful business people have found a way to master their emotions.  They know when to trust their intuition, when to be a visionary and when to be methodical.  They understand people.  They have courage in the face of adversity because they also know themselves.  They get things done.  And they understand the difference between the hare brain and the tortoise mind, even if they might not call it that.  Focus, discipline, vision, drive and a sense of passion are essential to keep you in the driving seat, and they are best sustained when you are in complete, congruent harmony as an individual.

The biggest enemy to achieving your goals is waning motivation.  Most people have experienced the sensation of returning from a powerful training course, pepped up with ideas and actions, only to revert to type after a few days. 

What’s the key to maintaining your drive, power and passion? Look at those business people you hold in the highest regard, and you will see they are filled with purpose.  They have found a way to turn decisive actions into powerful habits. 

They tap into their subconscious ‘why’.

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My approach

I have been lucky enough to have worked one-to-one with company owners and CEOs who have changed the world with their drive and groundbreaking innovation.  I understand their motivations and challenges well.  I have also worked in pressured, global corporate environments in London, New York, Geneva, Zurich and Tokyo, so I have first-hand knowledge of what busy executives in multinational environments experience daily. This knowledge is invaluable when relating to clients in a business executive or entrepreneurial coaching setting.

My approach gets to the nub of the subconscious aspects of the business world.  It is client centred, made-to-measure, and experiential.  We are all unique.  Some people think they know what they want but, for some reason, keep allowing things to get in the way.  Others face an overwhelming list of goals and remain stuck in the mire seeking direction.  Others judge themselves so harshly that they make progress but never quite dare to fly.  Some don’t know what they want. 

We all tend to mistake the map for the territory and make flawed decisions based on metaphors inside our heads.  It’s hard to realise that a thought is just a thought, especially when it feels real.  And that’s how I help.  When you can identify the fixed ideas that underpin your actions, you can begin to question their validity and free your potential to become whatever is most meaningful to you now.   

What marks out the top 2% of business people?

1) They visualise their goals every day.  If you want proof that this approach works, consider record-breaking athletes who visualise their success until they feel it in every cell of their being.  Successful business people maintain long-term, medium-term and daily goals that mirror the stepping stones to success that they see ahead.  

2) They pay attention to their self-talk.  Habits, good and bad, are built and maintained through self-talk.

3) They are grateful, creative and curious.  They have a generally positive outlook.

4) They work very hard.

5) They love what they do.

6) They manage their time well. 

7) They do the things that the average person doesn’t do.  They go the extra mile, over and over again.

8) They choose the people that they surround themselves with wisely.  

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So what can we learn from this?  That if you feel like you don’t have enough time, get bored when you think about your goals, don’t notice your own successes, tend to berate your failures and not reward your successes, don’t work hard, don’t love what you do and surround yourself with people of a similar mentality, you are very likely to be off track. If subconscious fixed ideas stand in the way, willpower will not on its own be enough to succeed.            

What is it that brings you here today?

Ultimately, techniques are merely techniques.  To help you make a breakthrough and take massive action, my role is to transcend technique and deliver an experience that forever shifts your worldview of what it is to be you, your strengths and your capabilities.  It is a constant judgment call to direct my approach to guide you towards the most significant benefit in the shortest possible time.  In this regard, my background helps to build rapport and guides that process of understanding.  We speak the same language, and it delivers material benefits to you in the speed and depth of progress you can make in achieving your most important goals.