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For entrepreneurs, a healthy mind and body can make all the difference in the success of their business. 

The world of business and private life are seldom separate, and if difficulties arise in one sphere, they can cause havoc in the other.  Focus, discipline, vision, drive and a sense of passion are essential to keep you in the driving seat, and they are best sustained against those ever-present challenges when you are in complete, congruent harmony as an individual.  

Meanwhile, for busy executives, retaining a sense of your direction whilst juggling conflicting priorities from above and below can become a minefield.   Expectations ever increase.  Company politics grow from distraction to annoyance to becoming a goal in themselves.   Authenticity and talent walk out the door for a better cultural fit.  And burnouts, once almost unheard of, become more commonplace as rocketing stress removes a buffer against life’s inevitable but unpredictable knocks. 

My approach

I have been lucky enough to have worked one-to-one with numerous owners and CEOs of companies, people who have changed part of the world with their drive and groundbreaking innovation.  I understand their motivations and challenges well.  I have also worked in pressured, global corporate environments in London, New York, Geneva and Zurich, so I have first-hand knowledge of what busy executives in multinational environments experience daily. This knowledge is invaluable when relating to clients in a business executive or entrepreneurial coaching setting.

The coaching techniques I employ span various disciplines and are applicable in different environments, be they life, executive or entrepreneurial coaching.   But ultimately, techniques are merely that: techniques.  To make a difference and deliver dedicated professional support to clients, a coach’s role is to adapt those techniques to their style and to tailor their approach to each unique client’s needs.  It is a constant judgement call to direct the coaching approach in a manner that will guide the busy executive or business owner towards the most significant benefit in the shortest possible time.  In this regard, my background helps to build rapport and guides that process of understanding.  We speak the same language, delivering material benefits to you in the speed and depth of progress you can make in achieving the most important goals. 

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