Effortless, natural public speaking skills


Do you need to offer speeches, but feel uncomfortable?

Are there environments where you are happy expressing yourself but others where you shrink into a corner?

Do you sometimes get frustrated with yourself for not speaking up when you have a valuable contribution to make?


The subconscious aspects of business can limit us from reaching our potential. To be a confident, convincing and authentic public speaker, one needs a powerful technique and an equally powerful mindset.  Skills can be learned and rehearsed, but your mindset is critical if you want to speak naturally in front of a crowd.


Hypnotherapy is highly effective at building the confidence and awareness you need to be a credible and relatable public speaker.  Often only one session is required to stop any tendency to freeze in the spotlight and enjoy the experience!  Astonishing though it might appear, I have witnessed clients make massive permanent strides forward at work after only one session of hypnosis.


How can hypnosis help?


Hypnotherapy is a form of focussed attention where the underpinnings of feelings can be uncovered, understood and released.  There will be some good reasons within you for your actions and emotions that probably made a great deal of sense in the past but are now holding you back. With awareness and understanding comes acceptance, the first step in healing.  The process involves reassessing your perception of whether these fixed ideas are still necessary or proper and what might be a better approach to help you achieve your goals. The result is a more confident and more deeply accepting self. 


If this sounds appealing, contact me for a free consultation.  Together, we will quickly and enjoyably reduce your stage fright.  And then the opportunity to stand up and speak will be a beautiful opportunity to share your truths with the world.