Reclaim Your Authenticity 

Inauthenticity is the inevitable protective response to parental and societal expectations. The process usually begins in childhood and becomes a habitual coping strategy in adulthood. To reclaim our authenticity, we need to acknowledge our predicament, introspect upon the specific events that led to inauthenticity, and choose a different path.

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Peace & clarity

Peace is about taking the slings and arrows of life in your stride and accepting that you will handle things as best you can. It’s knowing that you are just a human being with strengths and weaknesses and that it’s okay to falter along the way.

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Finding success in better boundaries

The ability to set healthy boundaries shows self-love and compassion because you are cutting out the things that harm you. It acknowledges your intrinsic right to choose what is important to you, to protect your inner core and to decide how much power you give to others.

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Improve your concentration

Hypnosis helps bring about self awareness and self acceptance as we discover our true selves. We get back on our own side and that brings massive relief to inner conflicts. We begin to focus again.

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Becoming you: the royal road to romantic love

Who am I? It’s difficult to find peace with another until we find peace with ourselves. I am me, an individual, with a uniquely valid experience. My feelings are my own; my past and future my own, my thoughts, fears and dreams all my own. I live through my emotions and I come to define myself through them. But is that enough for someone else?

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Paths to change

We each reach our turning points at different times in life and for different reasons, but that moment is transformational. Movement occurs. Awareness floods in. Personal responsibility becomes as essential as breathing, and uniqueness begins its ascent.

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This is the day

Once the step is taken, the love of life becomes so profound, the truth too euphoric to deny, and the purpose so comforting and certain that meaning comes flooding like a tsunami. The magic begins.

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