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In the internet age everyone looks to the feelings and experiences of others to help them in making their choices.  You can find some of the commentaries that former clients have made below.  You can also find other reviews directly on google. 

If you have good knowledge of how I work, your words carry a lot of weight and so I would be incredibly thankful to receive your comments to be published up on my website for others to see.¬† There’s no pressure to do so, simply my undying gratitude!¬†


  1. I was pleasantly surprised that just after one session with Chris, I was able to make discoveries about myself that I probably wouldn’t have been able to otherwise! This session opened up a web of interconnected events and feelings that I was unravelling for days after and helped me make sense of issues I had buried deep within. I tried to go into the session without any expectations, just hoping that I could find the tools and means to resolve my problem. Chris was brilliant at understanding how I felt and where I was struggling, and he was able to devise a very suitable approach to help me along the way. I think that Chris went over and beyond to support me after the session was finished and reassured me that I was on the right track, which was very helpful when treading in the unexplored territories of the mind. I really appreciated that Chris was empathetic to my struggles and very carefully helped me navigate the subtleties of my mind – he has a very gentle and understanding approach which calmed me down and allowed me to open up. Chris made a tailored recording for me to practice with after our session, which helped me re-assert what I discovered about myself and my confidence in myself.

  2. I contacted Chris as I needed to take some difficult decisions concerning my professional life and was also having a lot of trouble sleeping. I had never before considered therapy like this and although I was a little sceptical and nervous at first Chris quickly put me at ease with his clear detailed explanations of the techniques involved.
    With Chris’ unintrusive guidance over three appointments, I was able to recognise within myself a pattern of negative thinking and limiting beliefs. Chris never told me what to do, but gently guided me in the right direction by asking questions that made me focus and to look at things in different ways. By doing this he enabled me to work out for myself a way to navigate around the obstacles that were blocking my path. Chris also kindly send me a recording of guided relaxation, which I can use when I have trouble to sleep or just need to relax after a stressful day. I’m very grateful to Chris for his help and mentorship in improving my mindset and sleep and can highly recommend his coaching!

  3. I did 2 sessions with Chris as I suffered from insomnia and worry about my professional life. After the second session I began to be able to drift off to sleep more easily and more often than not sleep straight through the night. I felt very safe with him during the process and discovered that I should be thanking emotions that came up rather than try to repress them. I would highly recommend Chris.

  4. Chris was very present, attentive and engaged and, with the help of his expertise, I was able to reach places within myself that were both surprising and illuminating. I not only found it a very useful and interesting experience, but it also helped unblock and release a significant existential issue that had been unconsciously limiting my life. Thank you Chris!

  5. I only have very positive things to say about my experiences with Chris.

    I work in a pressured environment and over time I wasnt sleeping for more than 3 hours a night, I couldn’t focus and I regulary experienced intense panic attacks. My performance at work and my marriage felt like they were spiralling out of control.

    I have never had hypnotherapy before, to be completely honest, I just assumed it was nonsense (sorry Chris!!) But after only a few sessions I have noticed a significant change! I am sleeping for 8 hours a night, I am calm, focused, productive and overall I feel happy again. I am able to be kind to myself – something I realise I havent been for years.

    Chris is such a nice guy! Friendly, sensitive, open minded and humours in the right places. I always felt relaxed in his company and I didnt feel pressure at any point.

    I took a leap of faith and I am so happy I did! Thank you Chris!!

  6. Chris is very knowledgeable in various areas of human life, business and finance, as well as the workings of human mind. His expertise comes not only from his professional knowledge, but also from a vast experience in life and business which he abundantly applies in his sessions.

    I took a couple of sessions with Chris. He knew how to guide me, which questions to ask so that I get a deeper insight into my situation, how to put me in a better place.

    He is a therapist, a life coach and a business coach in a single person.
    I highly recommend Chris whether you need a help in your private or professional life.

  7. It is always wonderful to work with Chris. Feels like I‚Äôm talking to a very good friend, who is truly invested in my success and happiness. We have had 3 sessions on different topics, and each time Chris was doing a very thorough work, not stopping until I got to the root of my problem in hypnoanalysis, and reached a fulfilling closure. I’m very satisfied with the results. The one we did on relationship issues taught me a lot about self love, and now it comes so naturally to take good care of myself. Thank you, Chris, for your devoted work and good energy!

  8. Chris is very knowledgeable and professional. His solid groundedness, warmth and mindful approach assured me that I was in good hands which allowed me to go very deep in the Hypnotherapy session. During the Hypnotherapy session I felt very secure and safe with Chris’s guidance while exploring and meeting the profound learnings. Beautiful experience, thank you Chris!

  9. Thank you for your pertinent guidance during this hypnosis session, handling the process in such a mindful and professional way, allowing to dive deep into old memories and turning them into a very interesting experience from which a lot of understandings came out. On top of it, what an amazing wave of positive energy you give out! Thanks for all of it!

  10. I first met Chris in a clinical hypnotherapy course and I found him curious and interested in the subject. Couple of months later I had a session with Chris. He listened to me patiently. He did hypnoanalysis to find the root cause of the problem. After the session I felt very relaxed and manage to let go the emotions holding me back. Chris has very good skills and I recommend him. Thanks Chris.

  11. I had a wonderful session with Chris. He has a patience and understanding that allowed me to feel at ease throughout the entire process. We were able to reach and address blind spots in the mind and its behaviors that manifested throughout life, and I left with a solid action plan to move forward with. Pleasantly surprising results. Thanks again, Chris !

  12. I felt very comfortable talking, properly understood, and our conversations went far. I learned lots about myself, we found ideas together that I didn’t know I had inside me. Chris helped me identify what had been blocking my progress and I came through the other side light and confident. It was a lot of fun and I’m sure we could explore more!


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