Why choose me?

Because I already believe in you.  I believe in everybody, actually. 


I’m not here to sell myself, I’m here to help you win at life.  I don’t have your answers, you do.  But I will do my level best to help you win big, to move you, support you and share with you all the techniques that I can.  My dedication is that you and you alone will find the resource within you to achieve. My role is to help you unlock that resource.


We may start by bringing out those dreams, that inner purpose, and letting it all fly.  Everyone is different.  But whatever comes, you will have my certain confidence and support that what you seek is within you waiting to be set free. 


So why choose me?  Because I’m really good at this.  It’s not just my job, it’s a calling.  I promise you my energy, honesty, integrity, passion and kindness.  I promise you my very best efforts to get you from here to wherever you want to be.  I promise you my confidence in you and my dedication.  But that will not be sufficient:  to get results you  need to step up to this challenge and take responsibility for today.    So that’s why I offer you the opportunity to test out if we can bring the right balance between us to find your resourceful dynamic. 


You can read more specifically about the particular techniques that I bring here.  I chose these techniques because I have experienced them myself and know their power to transform perceptions and lives.  In a wide variety of scenarios, I know that they work.

If you have interest in my hypnotherapeutic approach, you can find my dedicated website here.  I also offer Integrative Kundalini Reiki in complement.  

My credentials?  Many and varied.  I am an accredited Board Certified Coach.  My main coaching credential is in Activation Method coaching, which I studied with Robbins Madanes Strategic Intervention, now known as the Coaching Institute, based in California.  I studied transformative clinical, medical and advanced analytical hypnotherapy under the supervision of Dr. John Butler in London. I have a BA and MA from Cambridge University and  MOOC certifications from the universities of Duke, Yale and Berkeley Greater Good Science Center respectively in Medical Neuroscience, Introductory Psychology and the Science of Happiness. My Integrative Kundalini Reiki Practitioner skills were taught and validated by Integrative Life Works.  I have an IPMA accreditation in project management.

But moreover, I’m practical, sensible and grounded.  I live and breathe this; I experience it daily.  And if we talk you will instantly feel the energy, experience and passion that glows within me.

Visit my YouTube channel for kind thoughts on how to live a more wonderful life.